Chairman of AfricSearch Group


Didier ACOUETEY is the President of AfricSearch Group, one of the first international firms working on human resources development in Africa. Active member of "Think Tank" and promoter of "Youth Excellence Program", he is also co-initiator of the first Chamber of Commerce Africa-Southeast Asia. It thus helps to mobilize financing for African companies and states.
He has received several recognition awards including the 2014 prize for "Best African Entrepreneur of France". Considered as one of the 50 most active Africans in the world, in 2014 it launched the Africa SME Champions Forum, the first forum for financing African SMEs in partnership with several financial institutions. He holds an MBA from the École Supérieure de Commerce in Paris and a second three-year degree in International Trade and Industrial Marketing.


Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was, before joining the State House, the Director General of the International Center for Pharmaceutical Development (CIDP) in Research and Innovation and Professor of Organic Chemistry with a Chair at the University of Mauritius.
Since 2001, she has been successively Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Pro Vice Chancellor (2004-2010). She also worked at the Mauritius Research Council as Director of Research (1995-1997). Ms. Gurib-Fakim ​​received her BSc in Chemistry from the University of Surrey (1983) and a PhD from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom (1987). During her academic career, she participated in several consultation meetings on environmental issues organized by international organizations. From 2011 to 2013, she was elected President of the International Council for Scientific Union - Regional Office for Africa, and served as an Independent Director on the Barclays Bank of Canada Board of Directors. Mauritius Ltd (2012-2015). As a founding member of the "Pan African Medicinal Plants Association", she co-authored the first ever African Medicinal Herbal Pharmacopoeia. She has authored and co-edited 28 books, several book chapters and scientific articles in the field of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. She has given numerous lectures around the world; is a member of the editorial boards of major journals and has served on technical and national committees in various capacities.
Raised at the command of the Commander of the Star and Key by the Government of Mauritius in 2008, she was admitted to the Order of the Knight in the Order of Academic Palms by the Government of France in 2010 and is the recipient of 4 DSc (s). Emeritus member of several academies and societies, Ms. Gurib-Fakim ​​has received several international awards including the 2007 Oreal-UNESCO Prize for Women and Science, the African Union Commission Award for Women and Science, 2009. On June 5, 2015, she was sworn in as the sixth president and first woman president of the Republic of Mauritius and held this position until March 2018. She was elevated to the order of GCSK by the government of Mauritius, and received the Legion of Honor from the Government of France in 2016. In 2017, she received the lifetime achievement award from the United States Pharmacopoeia-CePat Norman Farnsworth Award from the Botanical Council for Excellence in Botanical Research .
In 2018, she received the prestigious "Order of St. George at Semperopernball" in Dresden, Germany. In June 2016, she was on the Forbes list for the 100 most powerful women in the world and the first among the 100 best women of Africa Forbes List 2017. She is honored as one of the 2015 Global Thinkers of "Foreign Policy ".

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim,

6th President of the Republic of Mauritius


CEO of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB)


Ms Clare Akamanzi is CEO of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and Member of the Cabinet of Rwanda. Prior to this role, she served as Head of Strategy and Policy for H.E President Paul Kagame and for over 7 years as COO of the RDB.
Ms. Akamanzi has also previously served as a Commercial Diplomat in London and a Trade Negotiator in Geneva at the World Trade Organization.
She is an International Trade and Investment Lawyer, who has lived, schooled and worked in 7 countries in 3 continents but nothing beats the privilege of being part of rebuilding her nation.
Ms Akamanzi is a Harvard Kennedy School MPA alum, where she was the recipient of the Lucius N. Littaeur Fellows Award; the Raymond & Josephine Vernon Award, both for academic excellence and distinguished contribution to HKS community, as well as the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Public Service. She also holds an LLM (International Trade and Investment) with distinction from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and LLM (Hons) from Makerere University, Uganda.
She is a 2012 Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and was named one of Africa’s Top 20 leading women in economic development by Forbes in 2013.


Nathalie is the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Managing Director. The NEF is driving Africa's scientific agenda through the premier science and innovation conference on the continent as well organizing a coordinated Africa Science Week in over 30 countries. As part of making science more accessible, Nathalie is Editor-in-chief of the the NEF's public magazine, Scientific African Magazine. Nathalie is also the global communications lead for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Group. AIMS believes the next Einstein will be African. Prior to joining the NEF, Nathalie worked in the Canadian public service and international social media consulting before working to build the Government of Rwanda's central communication unit as coordinator in the Office of the Government Spokesperson.



Renaud AZEMA



Renaud Azéma is a Master of Tourism, graduated from the Institute of Research and Higher Studies of Tourism of the Sorbonne (IREST) ​​in 1990. From restaurant manager to tour guide in the Sahara then commercial executive in an international car rental company , he touches many trades before undertaking a first round of the world which opens to him the doors of the international one.
In 1994 he started in the Indian Ocean in Reunion where he is responsible for quality mission to the Regional Committee of Tourism of Reunion. In 1996 he joined the hotel school of Mauritius where he held the positions of trainer, program officer, head of the Tourism Department and director until 2000. He will then occupy the management positions within the CENTHOr at the Reunion and 4 companies related to the training he created between 2001 and 2007. Since 2007 he is the Founder and Director of Vatel Maurice (franchisee of the Vatel network) and since 2014 Master Franchisee for the Indian Ocean and Southern Africa , where it has opened to date 5 establishments under the Vatel brand. Renaud AZEMA is a member of the Star rating Committee, appointed by the Minister of Tourism and Sectorial Tourism Committee for the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC).
He chairs the Organizing Committee of the Contest of the Best Worker of Mauritius that he initiated in 2017. He is decorated with the bronze medal of the national defense and the silver medal of tourism, of the French Republic.


Mireille Ineza Karera is the Group CEO at KORA Coaching Group Ltd, a Coaching & Consulting company based in Rwanda and South Africa. Mireille is the Lead Coach at KORA Coaching & Business Academy Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Group. She is a Rwandan Business Woman who recently returned to Africa after spending over 13 years working as a Top Performer in Sales, Business Development Strategy for Global Financial Services Providers such as Moody’s Investor Services, EBS Dealing Resources (now ICAP) and Thomson Reuters in London, Dubai, Johannesburg and Nairobi.
As a leading Coach and Public Speaker, Mireille is a sought after speaker for conferences on Business issues and Women Economic Empowerment. Under her leadership, KORA Coaching Group Ltd. launched the very first Professional Coaching Academy in Rwanda. The newly created Coaching Academy’s mission is to create a solid Coaching industry in Rwanda by tackling the scarce supply of Professional Coaches in Rwanda. The Academy’s strong position is the answer to the current import of professional coaching services from overseas.
Mireille is also a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Her mission is to empower a generation of World-Class Business Leaders who will transform Africa into an economic powerhouse. In 2017, Mireille was handed an Award “Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in Business Excellence” by Africa Leadership Magazine & Amazons Watch Magazine.

Mireille Ineza KARERA

Group CEO at KORA Coaching Group Ltd

Alioune GUEYE

PDG, Afrique challenge Group


Alioune GUEYE, created in 1999 the AFRICA CHALLENGE Group, Africa who dares! in Casablanca, to offer African public and private enterprises and institutions a space to strengthen the capacities of managers and middle management, the private sector and the public, but also to share experiences. The Group's activities are structured around four business lines: management consulting, capacity building, medical control of healthcare expenses, and publishing. Each year, the group organizes a forum of leaders at the Sorbonne, but also several inter-African forums in all management disciplines in Africa, Europe and Asia. In 2009, in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary, the leadership forum was relocated to Kuala Lumpur.
Since then, the Group has organized three study tours in South-East Asia annually for African government decision-makers, in particular, in addition to more targeted support missions. In 2012, the Group launched an African Business Journal dedicated to the African economy and business. Today this quarterly magazine, which gives pride of place to business cases and collects the reflections of leaders of the continent is addressed directly to 3500 leaders. A year later, he created Next Generation Entrepreneurship (NGE), which organizes Hub AFRICA, the first platform dedicated to African


George NDIRANGU is currently a Presenter and Producer at BBC Africa. He is a Bsc. Actuarial Science holder, and a renowned journalist passionate about finance and ICT. George has conducted interviews from across the world, recent ones being with 8 Heads of State at the Transform Africa Summit, (including Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame), with President of Mauritius; Ameenah Gurib at the World Economic Forum in Davos, President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, Philanthropist Howard Buffett, Ministers from different countries, and numerous industry players.
George conducts daily live shows on the business channel analyzing issues across East Africa, and produces a bi-monthly show called «Doing Business in Rwanda» analyzing progress in Rwanda sector by sector. He has worked with several organizations in the media, finance and ICT fields, and hosted numerous sessions for United Nations, UNDP, UNECA, USAID, Forbes, telco MTN, Marriott Hotel, various Ministries, African Securities Exchanges Conference, Rwanda Development Board, among others, as well as touring and understanding different countries on the continent.


Presenter and Senior Producer at CNBC Africa


Journalist for TV5-Director of www.allsud.com, Gabon


Joëlle Edédéghé Ndong is journalist-reporter for TV5MONDE, publication director of the digital media AllSud.com, after having made her arms on Radio Africa N ° 1, in Paris, France.
It has been almost 19 years since Joëlle Edédéghé Ndong traveled the black continent, to highlight African excellence, and to make known the know-how of Africans. Born in Libreville (Gabon), a talented journalist, writer, reporter, gifted, passionate and humanist animator, she chose journalism to inform, educate, meet and discuss. For her, journalism rhymes with sharing, solidarity and challenge.


With about 25 years of oil and gas industry experience, Milko Moussirou worked on Exploration and Development Projects in several countries around the world. At an early stage of his career, Milko worked for Shell in Gabon, NAM in the Netherlands and Shell Deepwater Services (SIEP) in Houston, Texas. Milko started his career in Exploration and quickly moved to Oil & Gas Field Development Studies (Technical & Economical evaluation of projects including PSC and Economic screening). From 2007 to 2011, Milko Moussirou provided Integrated Field Development coaching and training to Shell International E&P and Total Group; Thus training 150+ people on field integrative opportunity planning across all subsurface, surface, and economic domain around the world... The Netherlands, England, France, Brunei, India, Malaysia, Congo, Nigeria and Oman. Since 2011, Milko moved back to Gabon to help launch Gabon Oil Company, a newly created State Company. From 3 people, Gabon Oil Company moved to more than 120 employees late 2014 with a full set of Exploration, Development and Production disciplines. In 2013 GOC became the first Gabonese Company to produce Oil in Gabon History and achieved a country record of 15,7$/bbl in Opex on an onshore brown field.


CEO of Koval Energy, Gabon

Michaela Pawliczek

CSR Specialist, Executive secretary of the association ADDEV Madagascar


Michaela Pawliczek, Ph.D., is specialist in sustainable development, green economy, social business and CSR in Africa. During her 13 years of career, mainly in the Indian Ocean Region, she worked in these domains for multi- and bi-lateral donors as well as for the private sector. Given her vast experiences, she became one of the few lead implementers of ISO 26000 in this region. As the CEO of XXXX and XXXX, both social businesses, she and her team accompany companies on her way to individual CSR solutions and offering ways to implement CSR as its best.
Her companies are working with a new mix of online-tools and personal in-house coaching which makes CSR solutions more affordable, especially for SMEs. In addition, Michaela is the principal founding member and Executive Secretary of the association “Agir pour le développement durable et l’économie verte à Madagascar” (ADDEV Madagascar), a platform bringing together the Malagasy Government, UN bodies, private sector and civil society in order to foster sustainable development, green employment and CSR in Madagascar. Through this association, she initiated different CSR-awareness and training programmes for ADDEV member companies.


Hervé NDOBA is a Financial Engineer. He is the sole Partner of the Cabinet Consulting NH CONSULTING & ENGINEERING (www.nhconsulting-group.com), which he founded in Abidjan in 2008. He has 12 years of expertise in financial, organizational, legal and tax consulting. A true multidisciplinary resource of high quality, Mr. NDOBA has contributed significantly to the development of several Business Plans in various and varied sectors of activity (real estate, hospitality, commodity trading, industry ...) and deals with especially strategy, financial structuring and financial intermediation.




Dr Tidiane BALL

doctor and entrepreneur



He is the founder of the website www.malisante.org, is the portal of medical information and directory of health professionals in Mali.
Winner of the AFRINIC Fund of Internet Research and Education (FIRE) Prize with Malisanté in 2015.
Tidiane is also Founder and Director of the DoniLab Incubator.
In 2016, he participated in the US Mandela Washington Fellowship (YALI) program of President Barack Obama.


Holder of a DEA in Political Science and Founder of the Cabinet Latitude Monde, Stéphane Moudouté-Bell accumulates more than 17 years of experience in the board. He brought his expertise in CSR and Communication to structures such as the UNITED NATIONS AGENCY FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE (FAO), Cabinet AFRICASEARCH, ADDAX PETROLEUM, SANOFI-AVENTIS, SHELL, etc. He is the Commissioner General of AFRICAN BUSINESS & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FORUM (www.africa-businessforpeople.com) whose objective is to promote the societal commitment of African companies. Stéphane Moudouté-Bell is the author of the collective work "Scientific Research and Development in Africa. Nomadic Ideas "(Ed Karthala, Paris).




Vèna Arielle AHOUANSOU

Director of KEA Medicals Pharmaceutics and Technology


Vèna Arielle AHOUANSOU is a young atypical Benin doctor whose ambition is to revolutionize the health system in Africa. At only 23, she chose to take the voice of entrepreneurship rather than that of hospitals as her colleagues; because she says "instead of treating maybe a hundred patients a day being in a hospital, I want to be able to save the lives of millions of patients across Africa a day thanks to the KEA app. Through its initiative KEA Medicals received the Best African Project Award of the Future In Africa 2018 a competition that brought together a hundred African startups finalists.
https://afrique.latribune.fr/politique/gouvernance/2018-03-02/futur-e-s-in-africa-le-digital-at-the-service-of-territorial-marketing-770374.html. Laureate of the 2018 Tony Elumelu Award for Entrepreneurship, winner of the Women In Africa Entrepreneurship 2017 https://wia-initiative.com/women-in-africa-actions/wia-philanthropy/, she is ranked Top 20 African Women Most promising by the G20 in 2015, and was ranked among the 25 most influential young women under 25 in Africa by the MOREMI Initiative


Osayande IGIEHON



Director of LOMAY


Born on May 25, 1989, in Antananarivo, RABEHAJA Matthieu is a young man of Malagasy nationality. After graduating, he studied web programming at the IT University of Madagascar in 2009. In 2011, after graduating as a webmaster, he began working freelance in communication companies in Madagascar. In 2012, he taught computer science at a French-language school. Then, he was a webmaster trainer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade in June 2014.
It was at the beginning of 2015 that he decided to leave everything to found LOMAY with his partner. His first project was GAZKAR, the first racing game made in Madagascar promoting e-tourism, which was released on April 8, 2017. In 2016, he was elected president of the association of video game developers in Madagascar (IGDA ). He has already represented Africa for the Game Developers Conference 2018 edition in San Francisco.


Lionel Mpfizi is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Awesomity Lab, a Rwandan based mobile apps, and web platform development startup. He started coding at age 17 and founded his first venture at 18. In 2015, Lionel took part in DMM.HeHe's fellowship program which got him started on his entrepreneurial journey, He co-founded Awesomity Lab in the following year. Under Lionel's leadership, Awesomity Lab has grown from a small team of 4 developers to a team of 10 of the most talented minds in Rwanda. In the last two years, Awesomity has specialized in building solutions in health, education, and transport, and has serviced 10 clients in 4 countries in Africa and now Awesomity is working with Volkswagen to develop integrated mobility solutions for Rwanda.



Eric Muthomi MUTHOMI

CEO of Stawi Foods and Fruits Limited


Ranked by Forbes Magazine among the "top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years in Africa" Eric is a young entrepreneur who founded Stawi Foods and Fruits, a food processing company that processes bananas into gluten free banana flour. To create sustainable growth, banana farmers in Meru, one of the largest banana producing regions in Kenya, needed buyers willing to purchase their produce at responsible prices. It had been the same cycle over and over. Farmers would invest heavily in banana farming, only to end up disappointed by an over supply in the market or poor pay by middlemen. The business allows small-holder farmers to earn more on their produce than they would have made if they sold it in the local markets. The company is making effort to reconnect society, and provide genuine benefit to surrounding communities. The company also produces fortified flours for children and adults and a range of Resistant Starch Flours with applications in baking and pizza formulation.


Dr. Egbe Osifo-Dawodu is a Partner at the Anadach Group – a global healthcare strategic firm that focuses on bringing innovative advice and services to clients and partners, in the public and private sectors, interested in transforming healthcare systems. She is also a Director at Diaspora Health Services and a member of the Global Health Committee of the School of Public Health, University at Albany, New York.
She joined Anadach from the Innovation Practice at the World Bank Institute (WBI). Earlier, as a core member of the Nelson Mandela Institution's management team she helped develop and start the African University of Science and Technology - a Pan African University with Graduate Students from over 20 countries. She previously managed the Human Development Group at WBI where she was responsible for the World Bank's capacity building programs in health, education and social protection.
Egbe has over 30 years experience in the health care covering policy, provision and financing in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. She is a qualified medical doctor and a member of the UK Royal College of Physicians (MRCP). She holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, an MSc from Oxford University and MBBS from the University of Ibadan. She has authored several articles, contributed to books and was a lead author of “Establishing Private Health Care Facilities in Developing Countries: A Guide for Medical Entrepreneurs”. World Bank Institute. 2007 (with Seung Hee Nah). She is also co-author of a chapter on “Boards and Governance” in an upcoming book “Advances in Global Health Management and Policy: Strengthening the Development, Organization and Delivery of Health Services .”


Founding Partner, ANADACH GROUP

Pierre-Henri COFFI

Professional Training Consultant




General Manager of KLAB

Marie Jeanne Serbin Thomas



Radia Cheikh Lahlou is the director of Déclic, a firm dedicated to integrating sustainable development into companies and organizations. Through CSR advice and responsible communication, Déclic highlights the tools to motivate change towards inclusive approaches that create shared value. Through its expertise, Déclic supports change by mobilizing the pool of skills of each organization, transforming the vision into managerial tools and integrating the company's culture and practices.
Déclic has also spurred the creation of the Responsibility and Performance Meetings, a platform for collective ingenuity and a laboratory for sustainable and innovative solutions. Trained at ESCP Europe, Radia Cheikh Lahlou also works on social innovation, circular economy and more generally sustainable growth issues in Morocco.


CEO of Declic, Morocco

Aurélie CHAZAI




Mamadou BITEYE